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Donated Photographs and Text Courtesy of Plank Owner, Paul Bonnett: Page 7
This is the last one.

One of the pictures is the lyrics of a song written by Bubba Ford.  This is sung to the tune of "Saturday Night in Toledo, Ohio" which
was a popular John Denver song at that time.  He wrote 2 songs.  The second was called "The R. B. Cannon Ball".  It goes to the
tune of "Wabash Cannon Ball" and I have words for that song around here somewhere.  I'll forward them along when I find them.

The picture of the two machinist mates is of Ron Shaffer (top) and Bubba Ford.  The other two pictures are of my last maneuvering
watch pulling into La Spezia, Italy during our first Med-run.  I requested to be the phone-talker on the bridge.  Fred Mott was a
radioman and my roommate at the barracks in New London.  We both transferred off on Christmas Eve and flew back to the States
from the sub base in Rhoda, Spain.  A funny story that accompanies that was:  I was told my plane departing for the States left at
8:00pm on December 27th from Rhoda, Spain.  I asked the yeoman before we left the boat, where Rhoda, Spain was located.  He
said, "Somewhere in Spain".  They released us at 3:30pm on Christmas Eve.  The last train leaving La Spezia for Spain departed at
3pm.  So, we had to wait until 3:30pm the next day to catch the train.  One day down - One day to get there.  We rode the train all
night to Barcelona, Spain where we asked at the information counter where the sub base was located.  They said, "A loonnng way
from here".  We ended up catching a plane to Madrid and another to Seville.  Then a taxi ride to the sub base.  We got there about
3am on the 27th.  We arrived at the terminal at 8am in time to catch our plane only to be told, "It was delayed".  We didn't leave until
almost midnight that day.  So much for hurrying; I should have known - it was the Navy.  Hurry up and wait.

This is a brief history of the Russell between 1974 and 1976.  I'll send more info in the future as the spirit moves me.  Hope this has
been useful to you.

Your shipmate,