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Donated Photographs and Text Courtesy of Plank Owner, Paul Bonnett: Page 5
These pics are of the bi-centennial celebration in Fort Lauderdale, FL in 1976.  We spent one full week tied up on display because we
were the newest Nuc-submarine in the Navy.  The LA (688) was delayed for months.  Therefore, the Russell was given "Diplomatic
Duty".  It was great!  The Captain said 'I only want duty sections on board on any given day."  So, we had max liberty.  Two of the
pictures are of the Russell tied up along side of the Spadefish.  The picture with the red, white, and blue banner on the Russell's sail
was taken on July 4th and has the British aircraft carrier Arc Royal in the background.  There is a story that goes something like

The captain was invited to dine on the Arc Royal one evening.  A curious crew member on the Russell who didn't understand the
operation of the pyrotechnics launcher in the engine room accidentally shot a pyrotechnic which landed on the flight deck of the Arc
Royal (during dinner).  However, I'm not sure of the validity of this story.

The group picture was taken on the beach.  The back row left to right is:  Mike Quick, Harry Sangreen, myself, Otis Byard, Ron
Shaffer, and Rick Keiffer.  The front row is:  Frank Durgin, Art Fitch, Ron Wells, Lt(jg) Duke Schnieder (nicknamed Bruce), Chuck
King, and Jerry Ishibashi.

The last picture is of the Captain during bumper-drills out in the Caribbean.  

More to follow - Paul