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Donated Photographs and Text Courtesy of Plank Owner, Paul Bonnett: Page 3
"Set three.  These are crew member pics.

During new construction you couldn't live onboard, obviously, so we were put up in apartments
that were located off route US 17, a few miles up from the Mariner's Museum.  We would ride in
a Navy van to work, but later we all bought 10-speed bicycles and would ride them to work.  
Another reason why Captain Brons was such a good captain was his willingness to
accommodate the crew's needs.  For example, after commissioning, we were leaving Newport
News to be home-ported at the sub base in New London, CT.  The Captain allowed us to
transport our bicycles on the boat.  During the transit if you walked into the torpedo room, tied
in-between all of the torpedoes were a dozen or so 10-speed bicycles.

The first picture is of myself, Curtis Byard (nickname Otis), and Andy Patty.  Otis and I shared
the same apartment and Andy Patty lived next door.  The next picture is of Mark Bimson and
Tom Eisley.  Tom also shared the apartment with Otis and myself.  He drove a Lotus which he
was constantly working on.  He routinely took that thing apart and rebuilt it.  Tom, I still have
your cylinder honing device (if you want it back!)  Mark was also one of our neighbors and a
machinist mate.  Mark and I played tennis together quite often.  

The last picture is of Tom Keheley.  Tom was the leading ELT on board.  He could recite the RPM
like scripture.  There wasn't an officer or anyone on board that could out-guess Tom when it
came to knowing about the primary or secondary chemistry.  He played the guitar beautifully
and I remember him singing "The City of New Orleans".  

More to come - Paul"