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Photographs and Text Courtesy of Plank Owner, Paul Bonnett
"My name is Paul Bonnett.  I was a plank owner that reported to the Russell as a lowly EM3 in February 1974.  I was a member of
E-Div when Lt(jg) Gilbert Stout (nicknamed "the Lone EOOW") was the division officer, later replaced by Ens. Dennis Huelle (Tonto).  
Everybody had a nickname.  The Capt and Exec were CO and XO, naturally.  Lt(jg) Herbert was "Pink" or "Pink Panther" because he
walked like the cartoon character.  Lt Frysinger was the "Tooth Fairy" because he wanted to become a dentist, which he did.  I
visited the dentist before being discharged in 1981 at New London Sub-base and he was the dentist that saw me.  

I replaced ETN3 (SS) Andy Patty as Log Room Yeoman for LCDR George Jackson (the Great Pumpkin).  I transferred off Russell as
an EM1 (SS) on Christmas Eve 1976 in La Spezia, Italy to report to another new construction boat, USS Cincinnati - SSN693, at

I found your web page surfing around the web wondering if there was anything there about the Russell.  After I found your site, I
noted that you had the booklet and other things regarding commissioning, but not a lot of info or pics about the "glorious" first crew.  

Therefore, I will be sending you a number of emails with pics attached.  I have about 26 pics out of many more to send you.  I'll
attempt to pass along a few sea-stories as well.  Let me know that you got them.

This first set of pics is the Russell on Pier 3.  The Aircraft Carrier Nimitz CVN-68 was being built at the time on Pier 2.  The second pic
is the Russell in dry dock and the last two pics are newspaper articles regarding the commissioning ceremony."