Welcome To The Official Website For The
My name is Steve Rakers and I proudly served aboard the U.S.S.
Richard B. Russell (SSN-687) from November 9, 1980 to October
31, 1983.

I came aboard the Russell from the
U.S.S. Tinosa (SSN-606), finally
leaving the Navy as a TM1/SS and TM Division LPO.  I made many
good friendships aboard the Russell and made many interesting
patrols in the Navy-
two Med runs, two Blue Nose runs, and one
Order of the Ditch.  
Leaving the Navy after 6 successful years of duty, I enrolled in college to earn my
bachelor's degree in Business Administration from
California State University,
Sacramento.  I am now living in western Chicago suburbs with my wife (Chris) of 23 years
and our three children (Nicole, Jackie, and Benjamin).

This past year I have been busy starting up
Ascon Corporation, the North American
subsidiary of
Ascon SpA, an Italian industrial controls company that has been in business
since 1969.

I have just recently taken an interest in all this submarine stuff as a result of my kid's
questions and interest in my earlier years.  I also found it as a means to connect with old
friends and to hopefully establish an information legacy for the U.S.S. RICHARD B.

Enjoy your visit here and please drop me an

Reading the names of the crew brought back a flood of memories, and reminded me that I
am part of the history of this fine warship.  To every crew member and officer out there,
you, too, are part of this great vessel's history and legacy and together we can let the
world know that as they slept, USS RICHARD B. RUSSELL (SSN-687) was vigilant in her
mission to keep the world safe and democracies free.  Keeping her name and record
alive is something we all must work on and I know shipmates everywhere will want to
help by contributing pictures and documents!  Thank you, Steve, for being the initial
guardian of this great warship's legacy.  Fair winds and following seas, my friend!

HMCS (SS) Richard T. "Doc" MacDonald, March 6, 2005
On a personal note, I would like to thank TM1 (SS) Steven Rakers,
USN for his hard work and expense in establishing and
maintaining this website early on.  It is an honor for me to take
over the site and work at upgrading it to the best it can be.  
Thanks for assisting with the file transfer to help me get started
and thanks for reminding me through your actions and efforts,
that the old adage is still true today: "Once a shipmate, always a
shipmate".  To borrow from my brother field Hospital Corpsmen and the individual
marines we served: "Semper Fi!"  I'll not let you down.

I retired from the US Navy in July, 1989 and have only recently taken the time to look
backward.  I had no idea the USS Richard B Russell (SSN-687) had also been retired, until
I found Steve's page.  Steve inspired me to invest some of my time and personal
resources to keep the memory of USS RICHARD B. RUSSELL (SSN-687) alive.  Taking the
helm of this site was the most logical way of continuing Steve's work and working toward
mission completion.