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For those of you who don't recognize this gentleman, let me introduce you to
RMCS (SS) Don Petty.  Don was a frequent rider aboard USS RICHARD B.
RUSSELL (SSN687) while working for COMSUBLANT from 1979-1983.  So
frequent, in fact, that he was considered part of the crew and the CPO's
mess.  Don was a great friend to then QMC (SS) Dennis Sulzer, his beautiful
wife Daryl and their family.  Don was also a friend of MMC (SS) Michael Patrick
Keene and his family, including Mike's over-sized "puppies".  Whenever
these three got together, you couldn't help but roll on the deck laughing and
joining in.  Those were great days.

I got to know Mike Keene and his family pretty well during my time aboard
RUSSELL.  I only got to know Dennis and Don just a bit (I was aboard from late
1980 through the summer of 1984), but long enough to think of them both
often.  If memory serves me correctly, Dennis left in early 1981.  QMC (SS)
John Honaker took over Dennis' duties of keeping Mike Keene off balance
whenever Don came aboard.

Don has provided a bit of an update on a couple of our former officers:

Former C.O., CDR Michael Farmer and former engineer, CDR Stanley Mack.

Capt Farmer reported to  
COMSUBGRU NINE just after Don arrived.  CDR
Farmer had been promoted to Captain and was the CO of USS HENRY M.
JACKSON SSBN 730.  CDR Stanley Mack also had been promoted to Captain
and was CO of USS Nevada SSBN 733.  He then became Don's COS at
COMSUBGRU NINE... he retired about a year ago and works for a contractor at

Those of you who would like to contact Don can find his e-mail address in the
"Ship's Log" section of this site.  Rumor has it that Don knows something
about Bass fishing.  :-)

Fair Winds And Following Seas To All,

Rick "Doc" MacDonald
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