These are several of the official US Navy photos taken of the USS Richard B. Russell during initial sea trials.
Click any picture to view larger- they may take a long time to load as the pictures are large and a better quality
than the small ones below.  
Thanks To Gary Wing
For Sending These And
Other Pictures of The Ship
Can anyone identify the crew members in the sail?  

In a message from Jay Kenty, SSN-687 Nav/Ops plank owner, dated 3/27/01, I am told the crew in the
sail photo are: middle officer is LT(jg) George Herbert; port officer may be LT Jim Frysinger, and the
starboard officer is likely LCDR Harry Salmon.  The starboard lookout is possibly FT1 Dan Cianci.  
The port side lookout is unknown.  Jay was of course below decks navigating the boat. ~ Thanks, Jay!
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