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These invitations were mailed to
guests inviting them to attend the
keel laying ceremony.  The postage is
8 cents and the stamp cancellation is
October 19, 1971- the keel laying
date.  Below are the information
cards contained in the invitation
packet.  If you are interested in
reading these in more detail, please
email me and I will scan a better
quality image to email back to you.
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Laying of the keel represented the
first major part of the Russell's life.  
It is her birth.  From here, work
progressed to transform her into a
true U.S. Warship and a proud
member of the U.S. Nuclear
Submarine Service.  How proud the
family and friends of Senator Richard
B. Russell must have been this day!  
If they only knew that day how
proudly we all would represent the
Richard B. Russell name and the
glory the ship and her crew would
bring to the nation.