Welcome To The Official Website For The
This site was originated by former TM1 (SS) Steven Rakers, USN to preserve
the memory of U.S.S. RICHARD B. RUSSELL (SSN-687), and to establish a focal
point where former crew members could find each other for the purposes of
re-establishing contact either personally or though ship's reunions.  Steve
Rakers did a fantastic job of collecting data and pictures.  I would like to take
what Steve started and use it as a basis for documenting the history of U.S.S.
RICHARD B. RUSSELL (SSN-687) through both pictures and official records.

Former commanding officer, RADM Arlington "Arlie" Campbell, USN Retired,
has given us many documents to start with.  Some of these documents are
difficult to display legibly due to small scan sizes/pixel dimension; however,
they are greatly appreciated.  If anyone has better copies of these documents,
or has access to historical documents of a similar nature, please, feel free to
send them to me at
webmaster@ssn687.net  I will respond as soon as possible
by posting them and crediting the contributor with a public letter of thankful

To assist others in finding shipmates or to remember those of us who have
passed on, I have established a fully functional bulletin board where you can
post messages or notices, send private messages to other bulletin board
members, or simply come in and use the mail feature to send e-mail to existing
members.  You can also provide a link to your own personal web-site, if you'd
like.  Once you register, you can give yourself a set of dolphins as an avatar
while setting up your profile.  Non-quals can use the "comic figures" as
representative avatars.

The guest book is also interactive.  You can put your picture up.  You can
comment on someone else's Guestbook "signature".  I'll try to add more
functions as I can.  Perhaps, someday, we can have a full featured "chat room"?

To those of you who have sent pictures, poems, stories, etc.  You have my
most profound thanks and appreciation for your willingness to share and help
build this site.  As you will gather browsing through the many pages of this site,
no matter how many photographs or stories you find, they are not enough -
more would be better.  So, if you have more, or if you would like a page
dedicated to a former shipmate that has passed, or would like one dedicated to
you alone for your children or grand children to see or show off at school,
please send whatever you can and let me know.  I'll be more than happy to
accommodate your request.  Have any cool "sea stories"?  Send them along
and I'll make a special series of pages to host them.  We can always post an
"Adult Only" warning if need be.  Remember to use a fake name to protect the
guilty, but include enough fact for us to figure out the mystery!

As with RADM Arlington "Arlie" Campbell, USN Retired, I would especially love
to hear from former commanding officers and executive officers who served
aboard USS RICHARD B. RUSSELL (SSN-687).  I  suspect that if there is a
repository of information re: this great vessel, you are most likely to be
guardians or key access holders to great historical wealth.  Additionally, I
would like to (but understand if you would prefer I not) provide a record of your
career achievements beyond your time aboard this ship.

To all of the shipmates who have ever served aboard this ship, and to those
men and women who worked on her in the shipyards, or as a "rider" and to
those connected to her in any way, for making her as good as she could have
been, I salute you all and wish you "fair winds and following seas".


HMCS(SS) Richard T. "Doc" MacDonald, USN, Retired