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HMC "Doc" Collins, who was the Doc when I checked on board in 12/76 (and eventually
struck Corpsman under) has Cancer, keep him in your prayer's.  He is currently out
West (sort of) and owns his own rig for long distance hauling.

Rich Huelbig                     (no old or recent picture of "Doc" Collins available at this time)
My apology to Rich for not getting this posted sooner.  I had a bit of a health problem
myself and by the time I got back home, I'd forgotten his archived e-mail and just
rediscovered it this evening, December 8, 2005.  To "Doc" Collins, you are in my
prayers and I'm sure many others will keep you in their's.  I wish you well and hope you
can benefit from a full recovery!  God bless!
Just got an email from Doc's wife and she states that he is cancer free
and doing well......

This pic is from 1991.

Thanks for keeping the website "squared away"

Rich Huelbig


Congratulation to "Doc" Collins and his family on his recovery!  Thank you to all who
took the time to say a prayer or to give thought and attention to "Doc"Collins as he went
through his illness.  Here's a wish that tragedy pass you and your families by.

"Doc" MacDonald
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