Welcome To The Official Web Site For The
The Commanding Officers
I would like to honor and acknowledge the outstanding service of the seven Commanding Officers
of the USS Richard B. Russell (SSN-687) with their own space within the site.  This would include
photographs and approved commentary based on your input regarding your time as commanding
officer to include, change of command ceremonies, biographical data for the periods both before
and after command and any other information you would like to see included.  As during the time
of your command, your opinion and leadership is highly valued and respected.

On a personal note, I thank CDR Farmer and CDR Peterson for accepting me as your Medical
Department Representative.  Serving under each of you as a department head was both an honor
and a pleasure.  Your confidence in me made it easier to be confident in myself.  I'd also like to
thank LCDR Paul Sullivan, the X.O. for most of my tour, for sharing his wisdom in guiding me to
function at a level even I didn't think I was capable of.  I'll always be indebted, and I'll carry each
of you in my heart forever.  Fair winds and following seas.  -  HMCS(SS) "Doc" MacDonald, USN

I recently became aware of some pretty amazing facts.  At this point in time (April 2005), RADM
Paul F. Sullivan, USN, my former X.O. aboard USS RICHARD B. RUSSELL (SSN-687) is now
Commander, Submarine Forces, Pacific Fleet.  Former Commanding Officer, VADM Charles L.
Munns, USN, is now Commander, Submarine Force, U.S. Atlantic Fleet, Commander, Submarine
Allied Command, Atlantic.  Presently, former Commanding Officer, Admiral Edmund P.
Giambastiani Jr.,
USN is the 7th Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Of Staff.

Additionally, former Commanding Officer RADM Arlington "Arlie" F. Campbell, worked as the Vice Director,
Defense Communication Agency (DCA), and on the conversion of that agency to the current Defense Information
Systems Agency (DISA).   He served as that agency's first Deputy Director.  

Those of us who served with these gentlemen were not only lucky enough to have served aboard one of the finest
warships in the cold war U.S. arsenal, but we, also, had the great fortune to have worked alongside some of the finest
minds, leaders and patriots in naval history; some of whom are still leaving their mark as stalwarts of global freedom
and universal peace.

Any documents that can be used to substantiate, confirm and support the historical record and legacy of USS
RICHARD B. RUSSELL (SSN-687), her officers and crew will be gratefully accepted (on loan for scanning or in digital
reproduction as part of this ship's internet archive).  All loaned documents will be returned and all shipping costs to
loan such documents will be reimbursed by me.  So, if you think you have something of value and would like to make a
loan of it or send it in digital form, please
contact me to make the transfer arrangement.  All donations will be properly
credited on the site.