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The Story Of The Installation Of The "Russell Bustle" (Page 3 of 3) As Told By:

Jim "Willie" Williams, IC1(SS), USN

Crew Member, U.S.S. Richard B. Russell (SSN-687) August 1976 - February 1981
When the professionals arrived, they were able to shore up the under carriage of the truck with large timbers to
prevent it from slamming down on its wheels when the cable was cut to free the crane from the weight of the
Bustle. Using large hydraulic jacks the truck was gently lowered enough to allow the injured men to be freed and
taken to the hospital. The truck was removed and a large floating crane was used to retrieve the Bustle from the
mud. It was later installed without incident and became a permanent part of the Russell.

About a month later I saw another rigger from the same crew as the injured men. I asked how the two were doing.
He said the one with the injured neck was released from the hospital after only a few days and was fine. The
crane operator was at home by this time. Though not fully walking yet, he was expected to make a full recovery. It
was good news indeed.

I stayed on-board the Russell for another three and a half years and could never take the Bustle for granted,
having experienced first hand what it took for it to become a part of our boat. ~ The End ~

Jim "Willie" Williams
Ex IC1(SS)
USS Richard B. Russell (SSN-687)
8/76 - 2/81
On behalf of the your fellow shipmates who served aboard USS RICHARD B. RUSSELL (SSN-687), I would like to
acknowledge and to personally thank Jim "Willie" Williams for his contributions to this website!
The Richard B. Russell (SSN-687)
Dressed Out In Her "Bustle"