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USS RICHARD B. RUSSELL (SSN-687) AWARDS                        As Reported In The COMSUBPAC Decomissioning Order Message

One Presidential Unit Citation - CDR Munns & Company
Six Navy Unit Citations - 1 under CDR Campbell & Co., 3 Under CDR Giambastiani & Co., 2 Under  CDR Munns & Company
Seven Battle Efficiency "E" Awards: 1 under CDR Campbell & Co., 3 under CDR Giambastiani & Co., 3 under CDR Munns & Co.

Above is a copy of the summary message sent to C.O. Stanley from COMSUBPAC Pearl Harbor, HI ordering her decommissioning
and listing her awards.  I'm attempting to get a copy of those remaining awards through the CNO's Office.
USS RICHARD B. RUSSELL (SSN-687) not only temporarily
USS PARCHE (SSN-683), the most decorated
warship in the history of the U.S. Navy (9 Presidential Unit
Citations), but proved, with this award, that given the
opportunity, she could do so without lowering standards set by
the officers and men of this legendary ship or expectations
held by the
D.O.N., The State Department and The White
House.  This is the highest award any naval unit can be given.  
The officers and crew of the USS RICHARD B. RUSSELL
(SSN-687), during this period of time, displayed extraordinary
courage, diligence and achievement and they all deserve a
"Well Done!" from the rest of us and from a grateful nation.  
As to mission specifics, a former skipper of
SSN-683) once said, "Those with a need to know, know".
The Only Presidential Unit Commendation:
Contributed by former crew member:

Stephen Flores
1st Naval Unit Commendation
Contributed by former commanding officer,
RADM Arlington Campbell
Special Thanks to:

Rowena Obrero
COMSUBPAC Deputy Public Affairs Officer &
Rear Admiral Paul F. Sullivan, USN,
COMSUBPAC for this document.
CDR Munns, Commanding Officer
For The Period Cited.
CDR Campbell, Commanding
Officer For The Period Cited