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One way to find lost shipmates
On arrival in the Senate in 1933, Senator Richard Brevard Russell Jr. was
appointed to the Naval Affairs Committee (later to become the
Services Committee), and to the Appropriations Committee.  Senator
Russell remained on these two important committees for his entire thirty-
eight year Senate career.  
Senator Russell also served on the Joint
Senate/House Committee on Atomic Energy from 1945 until his death on
January 12, 1971, and was a leader in establishing the country's
powered naval fleet.  

A graduate of the
University of Georgia, Senator Russell served the State
of Georgia in the Georgia House of Representatives from 1920 to 1930, as
Governor of Georgia from 1930 to 1932, and
United States Senator from
1933 until his death in 1971.  Senator Russell was the only Senator in
history to spend more than half his life (38 of his 73 years) in the United
States Senate.

U.S.S. Richard B. Russell (SSN-687) is the last of 37 Sturgeon Class
nuclear powered
attack submarines built, and the last nuclear powered
submarine built with the
Bettis designed S5W reactor plant.  The ship’s
motto says it all:
“We Saved The Best 'Til Last.  As you will see, the major
contributions made by
USS RICHARD B. RUSSELL, (SSN-687) came as she
neared her last years of service.  
Even she saved her best 'til last!
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