Notice to Followers of the USS Richard B. Russell (SSN687) Website


SSN-687_image_1000225This website is being transitioned to a blog type format to give subscribers the ability to leave messages and contact information for others [following a moderator’s review] to enhance the ability to contact shipmates, add sea stories, discuss visits to other ports as part of Ops or an R&R run.

I hope to use the gallery features to put up image pages of the ship, the crew, documents related to the ship from christening to retirement.  There will be other changes as well and I look forward to your feedback [good and bad] to help guide me into putting out the best site possible within the limits of my marginal skill level.

Keep checking back as this process will take some time to complete.  Best wishes to all who served as members of the U.S.S. Richard B. Russell (SSN687) family, including spouses, shipyard workers and support organization members.  Be well, be safe and make it a habit to smile.


Richard T. “Doc” MacDonald, HMCS(SS) USN Retired.